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Reader Testimonies

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DG’s  Story

A family with 2 young children had been praying and reading the Bible together. Far away from the saints and in a new environment,they were desperate to pray for as new family that would like to read the Bible with them. The Lord led them to pray for the family across the street. Eventually they met and our brother shared with the new family how he and his wife read the Bible with their 2 daughters at least three times a week and the peace in his household is unspeakable. Our brother went on to invite their neighbor to read the Bible together. Their neighbor was excited and received the invitation. Every time they got together to read the Bible using the RCV,the neighbor was always helped with the footnotes and always appreciating the help he has received. Our faithful brother and his family are currently praying for two more families to read the Bible together.

DT’s Story

A sister wrote for her husband who has a Bible reading group where he works with eight people attending.

My husband has had a half hour Bible reading group every Wednesday since January 1 in a reserved room at United Airlines Oakland Maintenance Base. They meet every Wednesday whether or not Doug is there (he works rotating days off). They started with Matthew 1.  They pray first,read and share.  Doug has had opportunity to share footnotes. One brother has shared from what sounds like the ministry. He reports it’s very enjoyable.

E’s Story

Through a brother’s reference,a Christian bookstore in Fremont called Amana about six months ago inquiring how to order our publications. Our sister responded by discussing the footnotes of the RCV  before discussing any business. Then during the second call,our sister discussed with her a few of the verses she had enjoyed that day which was Phil.4:7. God our peace surpasses every man’s understanding will guarded our heart and thought. On the other end of the telephone the sister from the bookstore said she could not wait to see this Bible.

Our sister told her if you want to sell this Bible,you must first enjoy it yourself so that you can introduce it to others. Ever since then,our sister started a Bible study with this sister every morning at a set time. They started with 5 minutes from Mathew 1:1. They read through every footnote. When they got to how Isaac is the symbol of Christ,this sister did not understand it. This opened a way for our sister to introduce the Genesis Life Study to her. When she heard about when Isaac went to Mt. Moriah,which is the place where Jesus went on the cross,right away she wanted to see the Life Study.

The bookstore in Fremont already carries Watchman Nee’s collective works,the Life Study,the Chinese and English versions of the RCV and LSM books. She said there are at least 20 Christian denominations in the Fremont area. She will  introduce the best Bible and deep truth to the Christians.

F’s Story

Gina and I met during our door-to-door Bible selling. She is my neighbor whom I have never met before. She didn’t buy the Bible,however,she was very open to the Word. She gave us her phone # and I called her a few days later to see if she would like to have a Bible study together. Since then,we have been reading the Bible together twice a week. Actually,I only planned to spend about 15 minutes each time,however,we always ended up spending an hour. We pray before and after the bible reading. I wanted to teach her how to call on the Lord’s name to get in the spirit and also how to pray-read the Word,but I didn’t want to force it. I just did it slowly and freely and at the same time I encouraged her to do it. She has been calling on the Lord’s name softly. We started on the First Epistle of Peter as she suggested. We usually take turns reading the verses,then we both dig into the footnotes. She uses her own book which explains the Scriptures and I use the RCV footnotes. She really paid a lot more attention to the RCV footnotes. At that time,somehow unconsciously,I was trying to make her see how good and rich the footnotes are and forgot about our main objective,how to eat and enjoy the Lord. Hence,after a few weeks of intensely reading the footnotes,my head just felt very heavy and full. I felt that we were barking at the tree of  knowledge. I needed to refocus. I prayed about it. From then on,we focused on enjoying the Lord through the Word and the footnotes are there to help us to understand and enjoy Him to the utmost. We both agreed that reading the Word helped us to appreciate the Lord more and how to deal and live our lives according to the divine life in us. Pray that our Father will continue to bless our time together and all those who read His words faithfully.


A sister and her neighbor have been getting together to read and study the Bible using the RCV once a week for the past six months. After the third meeting,the neighbor purchased a RcV. Each time they meet,the friend is very touched with the depth of the footnotes and cross-references. On one occasion,while going through Romans 11,they came to the praise of Paul for God’s selection. After reading and praying over the verses,they got into the depth of the riches to see what they were. They started with the cross- references and found the depths of the riches in God’s kindness,forbearance,long-suffering,mercy,grace,and glory. They wrote them down and began to praise and thank the Lord for the depths of His riches —even the surpassing riches and the unsearchable riches of Christ. They both got into the heavenlies and were so much in the enjoyment. The neighbor said,“I have never gotten into just one word like this. I really enjoyed the riches.”The following week when they got together,the neighbor explained,“I am still in the riches.”They continued in Romans 12 and some verses in Ephesians on the new man. After that study the neighbor declared,“Every time we get together we get into such depths of the Word and I love it. I am tired of being a superficial Christian. I look forward to our time together.”


I have been using the Bible reading guide with my neighbor,Suzanne. She is a young mother busy with three little children;her background is Catholic. One day I introduced the RcV to her,and she came over to pay for it the next day. When I first approached her about reading the Bible together once a week she told me that she cannot commit to once a week,maybe every other week. The first reading made her very happy because she could now actually understand the Bible and the guide also helped to capture the main point of the chapter. She told me that she will be able to read every week. What is more encouraging is that after another meeting,she asked if we could meet ten minutes extra for the following week. We have not gone too far,sometimes we couldn’t finish the whole chapter in one meeting. Other times we miss our meeting,due to her or her baby being sick,problems with other children,or her husband. However,the times we do get together to read have always been encouraging. Just this week while reading Matt. Chapter 5,she was touched with the matter of divorce,how the old law concerning marriage was not according to God’s original design,and that marriage need to be recovered back to the beginning,back to God’s design. I told her how good it is to read the whole Bible. She said she believes that people don’t read because the Bible is hard to understand. But the Recovery Version is easy to understand.


After hearing about the Bible reading groups,I wanted to start a group at my office using the guides developed by Amana Christian Bookstore. After praying,I asked several Christians co-workers if they would be interested in reading a chapter in the Bible once a week. For three months during our lunch,three of us read and discussed the book of Matthew using the outlines. Each week the Lord was gracious. We surely had his presence and light. Not only were we fed but also encouraged through each ones experience and joy in the Lord. One sister shared with her husband each week. If she forgot,he would ask her for a summary. Another spoke about the Lord’s faithfulness in caring for him and his family through a difficult time. Reading God’s word with others is a real blessing. Although everyone brought his own version of the Bible,the Recovery Version opened the door for much rich fellowship. May the Lord fill this earth with many Bible reading groups.